Course Description

This course is one of the elective courses offered in the undergraduate program, which is specialized in the area of conservation of cultural heritage. It will provide student a general knowledge on twentieth century architectural heritage, a crucial issue particularly in Ankara where significant examples of modern architecture exist. 

The course will focus on twentieth century architectural heritage by investigating the concept of modern particularly in architecture, selection and designation as cultural property, related legislative regulations, conservation problems and intervention methods. Theoretical background will be discussed through international and local case studies.

Teaching Policy

This course is planned as mainly a lecture and discussion course. Class participation will be encouraged during the lecture hours. First six weeks theoretical information will be given, ensuing three weeks discussions will be pursued through international and local case studies and in last five weeks students will be expected to choose and present a related example by using visual, audio-visual and/or written media. Each case study should be different.

Course Web Page

The web address for this course is:

All course materials will be uploaded and monitored via online platform of the course. Students are expected to visit frequently the online platform of the course for all announcements, changes, grades, syllabus, handouts, assignments, additional requirements and materials such as list of recommended references, readings, lecture notes, useful websites, maps, drawings, etc. Students are also expected to submit their works to webonline to the related folders in time.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayça ÖZMEN